Go away, we’re partying!

Team Party Time is the birth child of a couple guys that love bicycles and like to go fast. The founding members met on a very common Monday Night Mash ride through the alleys and streets of Dallas. Taking two wheels from bar to bar, there was an instant connection with the love for their bicycles. Because they loved to go fast, it was then decided that 2010 would be the year to start racing. Tour of New Braunfels was the first race of the year and the entrance of Team Party Time into the foray of bicycle racing.

As the season continued on, a few more members joined Team Party Time just as the founding members did.  These are not just teammates, but friends that all share the same passion. As the team grew, it allowed for a much larger presence in the racing community. With the aid of our amazing kits, people all across Texas know who we are and that we go fast. The season continued, results began to come in and upgrades were the topic of choice. We finished the season strong, with several of us upgrading upon it’s conclusion.

Team Party Time continues to recognize their roots and lead the Monday Night Mash in Dallas.  This allows for a direct connection with for those who love bicycles and connecting with good friends. We look forward to supporting our sponsors and finding the right people to grow our team.

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